Artboard 1 layout

Il Bordello                                                                                  

This hugely popular and successful family run restaurant needed to rllocate to  a larger location in Metropolitan Wharf, a listed complex in Wapping. nimtim offered a vision to be carried out in phased stages that crucially would keep the flavour and feel of the old restaurant beloved to so many loyal patrons, while allowing the next generation of the family to put their own stamp on it.


Considering layout, nimtim proposed a stepped area that creates different cosy zones within the restaurant as a whole. Considered lighting further demarcates different zones allowing groups of all sizes to gather in an intimate environment. Bespoke oak units operate as thresholds between the different areas with open shelves providing


flexibility in terms of the privacy required while keeping sight lines open for the waiting staff.


The palette remains true to their former incarnation with some key additions - a copper faced bar providing a warm and welcoming focal point, a cork wall providing a soft boundary to the restaurant and waxed concrete floors that remain true to the Wharf.


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